Budget 2017-2018

Budget Items Downloads
1Key to BudgetHindi
2Budget SpeechHindi
3Press NoteHindiEnglish
4Statement under FRBM Act 
 1Macroeconomic Framework statementHindi
 2Medium Term Fiscal Policy StatementHindi
 3Fiscal Policy Strategy StatementHindi
5FRBM Disclosures 
 1Fiscal IndicatorsHindi
 2Components of Outstanding LiabilitiesHindi
 3Consolidated Sinking FundHindi
 4Guarantees given by the State GovernmentHindi
 5Risk Weighted GuarnteesHindi
 6Guarantees Redemption FundHindi
 7Ways & Means advance / overdraft from RBIHindi
 8Details of EmployeesHindi
6Budget at a Glance 
 1Summary of the BudgetHindi
 2Revised Estimates 2016-17 for Plan Expenditure in Different SectorsHindi
 3Revised Estimates 2016-17 for Plan Expenditure in Different HeadsHindi
 4Budget Estimates 2017-18 for Expenditure in Different SectorsHindi
 5Budget Estimates 2017-18 for Expenditure in Different Development HeadsHindi
7Budget in BriefHindi
8Annual Financial Statement (Volume I) 
 1Revenue ReceiptsHindiEnglish
 2Revenue ExpenditureHindiEnglish
 3Capital ReceiptsHindiEnglish
 4Capital ExpenditureHindiEnglish
 5Contigency FundHindiEnglish
 6Public Account ReceiptsHindiEnglish
 7Public Account ExpenditureHindiEnglish
9Receipt Budget (Volume II) 
 1Details of Revenue ReceiptsHindiEnglish
 2Contigency FundHindiEnglish
 3Public Account-Receipts & ExpenditureHindiEnglish
10Expenditure Budget 
 1Volume IIISechdule of Appropiration(H)Sechdule of Appropiration(E)Summary of Grant(H)Summary of Grant(E)
 2Demands for GrantsBook Wise Index
 3Headwise Breakup of GrantsHindiEnglish
11New Items of Expenditure (Voume IV)Provison(H)Provison(E)Precis
12State Government Guarantee (Volume V)Hindi
13Devolution to Local Bodies (Volume VI & VII)Panchayati Raj InstitutionUrban local Bodies
14Outcome-Gender-Youth BudgetList of Department
15Agriculture BudgetHindi