Provision for Departments
In 3rd Supplementary 2007-2008

Demand No. Description Downloads
.Charged Appropriation-Interest Payments and Servicing of Debt.ProvisonPrecie
..Charged Appropriation-Public Debt.ProvisonPrecie
06Expenditure pertaining to Finance DepartmentProvisonPrecie
08Land revenue and district administrationProvisonPrecie
14Expenditure pertaining to Animal Husbandry DepartmentProvisonPrecie
15Financial assistance to Three tier Panchayati Raj Institutions under Scheduled Caste Sub PlanProvisonPrecie
16 Expenditure pertaining to Fisheries DepartmentProvisonPrecie
23Water Resources DepartmentProvisonPrecie
26Expenditure pertaining to Culture DepartmentProvisonPrecie
29Administration of Justice and ElectionsProvisonPrecie
30Expenditure pertaining to Panchayat and Rural Development DepartmentProvisonPrecie
32Expenditure pertaining to Public Relations DepartmentProvisonPrecie
39Expenditure pertaining to Food, Civil Supplies and Consumer Protection DepartmentProvisonPrecie
41Tribal Areas Sub-planProvisonPrecie
45Minor Irrigation WorksProvisonPrecie
56Rural IndustriesProvisonPrecie
64Special Component Plan For Scheduled CastesProvisonPrecie
67Public Works-BuildingsProvisonPrecie
68Public Works relating to Tribal Areas Sub-Plan- buildingsProvisonPrecie
80Financial assistance to Three tier Panchayati Raj InstitutionsProvisonPrecie
81Financial assistance to Urban bodiesProvisonPrecie
82Financial assistance to Three tier Panchayati Raj Institutions under the tribal area sub-planProvisonPrecie